Quote of Dr Niranjan Hiranandani on PMO address – Assocham & Naredco


Economic Stimulus of Rs 20Lac Crore is Shot in the Arm to Rev up the Economy:

 Dr Niranjan Hiranandani – President – ASSOCHAM & NAREDCO

MUMBAI/ NEW DELHI 12 MAY 2020: “Long awaited announcement of a fiscal stimulus package of Rs 20lac crore nearly 10% of Indian GDP is truly commendable -a shot in the arm to revive the drowning economy. Lauding India’s biggest visionary document, economic stimulus will emphasize on key economic issues like Land Labours Liquidity and Law which is indeed a thought-provoking reform. India Inc congratulates PMO for carving out new economic drivers as Infrastructure, Demography, Economy, Technological and Supply Chain system for India’s GDP growth engine. This sets direction for the next development growth areas to emerge as self- reliant India with an enhanced focus on local demand consumption theory.

Appreciating the sentiment of the PM on “The economic package is meant for labours of country, for that farmer of the country, for the middle class of our country which is the broad segment of the demographic pyramid of the nation, and most important the taxpayers  who contributes to the development of the country.”




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